Diving in Philippines. Dive center Sabang fun divers

Philippines is one of the most popular countries in the world for diving. Violent nature of islands of the Philippine archipelago, rich underwater world, an exceptional and incomparable friendliness of the local population, the modest price of services, accommodation and food allow us to consider the Philippines as one of the most attractive places for tourism and diving. In addition, the local government and the ordinary citizens of the Philippines are trying to preserve the marine nature. Diving in the Philippines is extremely diverse. Underwater landscape, fauna, currents and visibility in different parts of the Philippines are unique and different at each dive site. In some places you could meet large marine animals, in some places, on the contrary, there is the diversity of the microcosm. There are many caves and sunken ships for funs of such diving.

Mindoro Island fully meets all the divers requirements. Sabang used to be a small fishing village some years ago, but now it is a center of attraction for divers from around the world. You do not need to make an extra flight as Sabang is located in two - three hours drive from Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Sabang is attractive primarily due to affordable places for great diving. More than 30 dive sites are within 10 minutes by speedboat. Dive-sites are very different from each other. Some of them are very relaxing, but there are also the rapid passage for drift-diving funs. Of course, there are many things to see under water. There are huge tuna and groupers, and shishkoloby Jackfish, octopus and cuttlefish, sea snakes, turtles and lobsters, various nudibranchs, seahorses, clams from the huge clams up electrical fascinating shells. Finally, there is Verde Island dive-site with beautiful walls and rich marine life. Near the Mindoro island there is famous Apo Reef, where you will meet numerous sharks, manta rays, barracudas, Napoleon. Diving safaris to Apo reef can be included in the program of your vacation at Mindoro.

If you want a break from diving, beautiful nature of the island with its mountains, rivers, waterfalls and beaches is at your disposal. In addition, you can visit dozens of restaurants, cafes, discos, nightclubs, massage parlors.

We have everything needed for the organization of a full reception, safe diving and diving training: qualified personnel, certified by PADI, spacious and comfortable office, a classroom, a new reliable equipment and gear, high-speed dive boats. We can assist you with detailed information about how to come to the Philippines, if necessary we arrange airport transfers, help with accommodation, depending on your desires and budget. The cost of holidays in the Philippines depends on your preference, saying only that the best budget option would cost about $ 55 per day, including accommodation, divingand sight-seeing fun tours. Of course, we offer special conditions for organized groups of divers.

We have long-standing and strong ties with other dive centers in the Philippines and will help you continue your journey in the country. Diving in the Philippines will not disappoint you, and you'll be back here more than once.